Michelle Jones’ Guide to Kickstarter

So, you want to start a Kickstarter campaign, but you just don’t know how to get started. Michelle Jones, the genius behind Consuming Louisville and Menu and Hours, offers her advice.

  • The video is very important! Even if you’re not a professional videographer, you can make your video look professional. Jones developed a storyboard for her video and shot many takes to simplify the look and message. Jones’ video used a line drawing font, voice-over narration, simple drawings, and acoustic guitar accompaniment.
  • Be clear and deliberate about the amount you want to raise and how it will be spent. Will your Kickstarter money fund part of the project or the entire project? Jones used her Kickstarter funds as a “project validation tool.” If she garnered enough interest, she would know she had a market and could make it happen. Funds also helped pay the designer and the programmer.
  • Promote the heck out of it! Make sure you get the word out about your Kickstarter campaign. Jones insists that entrepreneurs not rely solely on their Facebook friends. Some of these friends will fund your project, but not all of them. You have to write to potential donors who would be interested in your project. You have to write to the media to gain coverage. She even recommends writing to your alumni newsletter. “You need to get more people than you think you do to reach your funding goal,” said Jones.
  • Make frequent updates. While you develop your project, contact your supporters and let them know how you are progressing. This keeps investors emotionally tied-in.
  • Be accessible and prepared. Anticipate questions from the media, investors, and the general public so you are prepared to answer them. “If people are interested enough to contact you with questions, that is a good thing and you need to make sure you answer,” said Jones.


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