Talk About It.

Hello. Thanks for visiting the website of The Paper. So, first things first, thanks for taking the time to read a few words. 

The Paper is going to be dedicated to celebrating all the good happening in our city, on our stages, in our studios, behind counters, and around the corner in every neighborhood. We want to make good things happen, and tell you about the good things that are happening all around our city. The Paper wants you, its reader, to feel good about who we are as a city and what we are capable of. With a youthful heart and an intelligent voice, we hope to create a positive atmosphere around The Paper. We will not stand down from a fight, and we will be sure to speak up when something needs fixed, but we are here to report on things that are good.

The catalyst for this new publication was the recent decision by the parent company of our city’s once great newspaper to again severely slash its staff. This time eliminating neighborhood coverage and most of its meaningful coverage of our local arts and culture. We have a vibrant arts scene here and the stories of the people and institutions that make the city come to life need to be told. The Paper will be a publication dedicated to the celebration of who we are. We will provide an insight to what makes our communities flourish and the histories behind our successes. We will be a conduit through which individual and communal ideas are shared. The Paper is going to be local. Locally owned. Local writers. Local focus and approach. It will be unique to our city and reflect what we find important. We will be active in our promotion and enhancement of the arts and our communities. We will be worth something—50 cents an issue, sure—but more than that, we give value to the things that make us uniquely us.

The centerpiece of The Paper is going to be a section called “Good to My Hood” a spotlight on a person, group or project that is making a difference in a neighborhood; as well as listings for good that is going on in Louisville’s neighborhoods and how to get involved. The big hope is that “Good to My Hood”, can become a hub for hyper-local positivity. The Paper is going to be about who we are as Louisvillians and the things we do that make our city great.


Beyond picking up a copy each month (thanks again) here are a few other ways you can be involved:

Tell us what is happening

We are paying attention but there is a lot happening in different corners of our city and we are bound to miss some things. Give us a holler when something good is happening.


We are actively looking for writers, photographers, illustrators and other contributors. If you have experience and passion, and want to contribute, please, let us know. 


Are you a local shop owner? We’d love it if you sold The Paper. 

Be Awesome

We need to have things to write about. So, please, go out  there and be awesome and let us know about it.

Send us a Message



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